Green Landscape MaintenanceProper landscape maintenance sustains the quality and health of your landscaped area and preserves the intended design concept. Landscaping is intended to provide overall ascetically pleasing appearance. Greenstar Eco provides extremely reliable and professional service with a proven customer service concept. Rather bi-weekly or weekly service, we arrive on the same day and approximate time on a regular basis. All of our routing is developed using the newest technology to maximize efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe it is imperative to have our foreman meet with our clients on the first visit, and walk the property and get to know how things are done,   and communicate any special request you might have.

On our initial visit we also….

  • Trim all plants and trees
  • Cut grass
  • Spray weeds and remove on the following visit.
  • Apply pre-emergence( if applicable)
  • Apply fertilizer to grass and plants if applicable.
  • Complete irrigation inspection.
  • Sprinkler adjustment
  • Cap any unused drip emitters
  • Identify irrigation stations and program timer for proper watering application.
  • Inspect the condition of plants and grass.
  • Blow property and remove debris