Greenstar Eco’s Mission

“Providing Our Customers With Integrity and Outstanding Service For Lifetime Satisfaction”

As a HOA Board member , Property manager or owner of a commercial property, Our goal is to provide proper landscape maintenance which sustains the quality and health of your landscaped area and preserves the intended design concept. Landscaping is intended to provide overall ascetically pleasing appearance. Greenstar Eco provides extremely reliable and professional service with a proven customer service concept. Rather bi-weekly or weekly service, we arrive on the same day and approximate time on a regular basis, with all jobs “Time stamped” on our mobile devices. All of our routing is developed using the newest technology to maximize efficiency and to reduce our carbon footprint.



  • Show up on the same day and approximate same time on consistent basis with Greenstar Eco trained employees.
  • All jobs Time Stamped to provide valuable data on efficiency to meet your budget.
  • Weekly Quality assurance inspections performed by your assigned Property Manager and Irrigation Techs.
  • Weekly reports submitted to HOA board members, Property Managers, and owners.
  • Photos submitted of any vandalism, plant damage, storm damage or irrigation repairs that are needed.